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Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution

For all content owners, media content (video, audio and images) needs to be published on different front-end systems and devices. Content needs to be adapted (transcoded) quickly to meet consumer demand for flexible consumption.


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Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution is a cloud based media processing service that aims to ingest the content from any source, adapt it in any format and deliver it to any target location, for any device type (web, mobile, OTT, etc.).

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Why use Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution vs in-house?

Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution is a better alternative compared to in-house because you won’t need to invest in costly infrastructure, and worry about media format complexity and diversity, always evolving standards, and an endless list of multi-screen devices and characteristics. Also, from a financial standpoint your company may move from CAPEX to OPEX.

Why use Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution vs other cloud services?

We don’t believe in vendor lock-in. If you want to use equivalent services, source and output content must be stored on their proprietary cloud storage only. And financially, Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution is highly competitive compared to other services.

The pricing model is pay-as-you-go based on volume, without recurring fees.

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At least 38% less expensive than competitive services


Multi-CDN solution for optimized end-user experience with high-speed content delivery and low latency


A cloud agnostic solution, able to connect to any cloud storage


Ability to quickly enrich and adapt custom requirements


Proven track record in successful media management; experienced to deliver a superior service

Accenture Digital Distribution Solution



Accenture Digital Distribution Solution

Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution is part of a larger Accenture offering connecting anything digital – the Accenture Digital Distribution Solution (ADDS). It enables clients to intelligently, rapidly and cost-effectively distribute content and data to connected consumers, devices and retailers. Applications for ADDS are as elastic as your imagination, with current use cases that include: wearable devices, digital music, connected workers, digital fashion, e-books, drones, 3D printing and more.

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