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Creating smarter, safer refineries

How digital technology is rapidly driving powerful results for refineries


Digital technologies are being used to build, operate and maintain refinery assets with greater safety and efficiency. It is estimated, for example, that 80 percent of plant losses[1] are preventable.

By aligning to cultural shifts within the organization, implementing updated technology and digital-based maintenance systems can help to address some of the root causes of those losses, such as human factors, maintenance and engineering.

Our expectation is the next generation of digital or “intelligent” plants will significantly reduce preventable losses through integration of real-time information to boost performance.


[1] Based on analysis by HSB Solomon Associates LLC

Accelerated processes for decision making

Accelerated processes for decision making
This approach could help the industry optimize operations, availability, costs and safety, thereby resulting in improved efficiency, reduced nonproductive time and re-work.

Safer, smarter workforce

Safer, smarter workforce
Refinery employees could benefit directly with access to better information while on the plant floor, and tracking and tracing for safer work environments.


"We’re no longer talking about digital as a technology or IT solution … it’s giving people new skills and toolsets to optimize and execute their work in a better and safer way."


Global Refining and Chemicals Services Lead



“Running analytics can tell us what causes the failure, and how can we fix the failure.”


Data Science Senior Principal, Accenture

“The estimated cost of corrosion management every year across all the industries is over $2 trillion.”


Digital Corrosion Management Lead, Accenture


Tracey Countryman

Tracey Countryman
Global Refining and Chemicals Services Lead

Tracey leads Accenture’s Asset and Operations (AAOS) Business for Europe across Resource industries. AAOS includes services related to optimizing plant performance from C-suite to the shop floor. Her key service domain areas include leveraging digital technology to improve maintenance and reliability, safety, manufacturing execution and process control. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and currently resides in London.

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Simon Coombs

Simon Coombs
Digital Plant Lead, Assets and Operations Services (AAOS)

Simon is the cross industry Digital Plant lead within Accenture Asset and Operations Services. He has over 30 years of experience working with asset and energy intensive industries around the world. His experience brings together his skills as an electrical engineer, largescale IT and data solutions, real-time automation control solutions and business transformation programs to help deliver a new way of working enabled by digital services.

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Jeff Miers

Jeff Miers

Jeff is Accenture’s North America Energy Industry Managing Director based in Houston, driving thought leadership and innovation for oil and gas. In his 22 years with Accenture, Jeff has led consulting and systems implementation projects with clients through all aspects of the energy industry including upstream production, downstream refining, midstream/LNG operations and oilfield services.

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Mike Poland

Mike Poland
Global Corrosion Management Contact Lead

Mike is the Asset Performance Management leader for Accenture Assets and Operation Services in North America. As a certified maintenance and reliability professional, he has over 30 years of engineering, reliability and maintenance experience in industries serving the energy value chain. Mike specializes in reliability processes and systems engineering with an emphasis on defect detection and elimination through root cause analysis and risk-based inspections.

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