In brief

In brief

  • Most companies use multiple clouds—and connecting clouds can be time-consuming and expensive.
  • Oracle and Microsoft have formed an innovative partnership to simplify that process.
  • Accenture’s tests found new connections can be set up in just minutes—as opposed to weeks—providing solid performance between the two clouds.

Simplifying a multi-cloud world

Today, companies typically take advantage of several clouds to bring together the features and performance they need. In a recent survey of IT professionals, 84 percent of respondents said that they have a multi-cloud strategy.

In short, most companies are working with a heterogeneous cloud landscape. However, tying those various platforms together can be difficult and expensive. Recognizing that reality, Oracle and Microsoft have forged a cloud interoperability partnership that offers a simple but powerful approach to connecting their two clouds—Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

The partnership streamlines multi-cloud operations. It offers unified identity and access management, and a collaborative support model in which companies can call either the Oracle or Microsoft support organization, open a ticket and those two organizations will work together to get the issue resolved.

Overall, the partnership between Oracle and Microsoft lets companies more easily leverage the best of both Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) across clouds. Moreover, it opens a new path for moving ahead in a world where multiple clouds have become the norm.

The attached report illustrates the ease of linking the two clouds based on continual testing over two weeks that collected more than 32,000 data points. Now, companies can more easily draw on the artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain services of Azure in combination with Oracle technologies, such as Exadata and ADW, running on the Oracle Cloud.

Recent research found that enterprises are using nearly five different clouds, on average.
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