In brief

In brief

  • Today, companies are beginning to move business-critical workloads—often, anchored on Oracle Database—to the cloud.
  • Accenture has recently conducted tests looking at Oracle’s high-performance database options for the cloud.
  • Findings show that Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse provides options allowing IT organizations to reduce run costs while improving performance.

Putting Oracle to the test

In recent years, Accenture has conducted several tests of Oracle Databases running in various cloud environments, finding that Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers customers the best performance and the best price for that performance.

New tests from Accenture reinforce that Oracle databases run very well on OCI, and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) provides an added edge to performance and cost.

But Oracle products—and technology in general—continue to evolve and change. So too do the demands that business puts on computing. As organizations continue to see their data grow at exponential rates, there is a continuous need to enhance how it is used, managed, and secured. With these realities and our customers in mind, Accenture recently ran an entirely new set of tests designed to provide a clear picture of the performance that Oracle offers today.

In these tests, engineers set out to measure the performance of Oracle Database running in Oracle and other clouds. What’s more, Accenture’s engineers took the time during these tests to further understand how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse can streamline database activity and improve DBA efficiency.

Today, nearly all companies are developing or executing on their cloud plans, which have now begun to include business critical workloads. Since many of these workloads are anchored on Oracle Database, it is critical to understand the options that are in the market when it comes to price and performance.

The findings of these tests provide new insights into what to expect, and how Oracle technology can fit with companies’ cloud plans. To read the complete findings from Accenture’s Oracle tests, please read the full report.

With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle has developed a very compelling and performant solution
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