In brief

In brief

  • As oncology advances faster than most therapeutic areas, oncologists face increased complexity and pressure.
  • Our study synthesized six activity themes based on quantitative and qualitative research to reveal areas for improvement and strategic engagement.
  • 100 oncologists around the globe shared their unmet needs and frustrations to help us identify potential areas for significant improvement.
  • The resulting and provocative areas of opportunities are based on industry and technology trends but with the oncologist’s needs in mind.

Re-shaping the oncologist’s experience

Every day oncologists are interpreting and translating rapidly evolving science into personalized therapies that save patients' lives. There is an increasing number of treatment regimens and patient data that oncologists need to assess to ensure the best treatments. The complexity is further amplified by the current necessity for remote interactions.

In this report, the team from Accenture and Fjord introduce a human-centered approach to evaluate the activities and interactions of HCPs in oncology and puts forward a comprehensive perspective of their actual needs, expectations and frustrations.

Accenture and Fjord Oncologist Issue - Experience Report

Life sciences leaders can help make oncologists lives easier transforming patient care with human-centric services.

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Healthcare and especially oncology, desperately need new human-centric services seamlessly integrated into their workflows that empower them to further improve patient care.

Exploring oncologist’s recurring activities

Exchange medical knowledge

Imagine the oncologist is proactively connected with peers that work on similar cases, and share an interest in old-timer cars.

Diagnose and treat patients

Imagine the oncologist can log into a portal that recommends and provides seamless access to a variety of clinical decision support and tumor boards.

Conduct and publish

Imagine the oncologist can draft a case report with a few clicks, use AI to write the core elements of the story and then review and auto-publish.

Support cancer patients

Imagine the oncologist gets treatment education already pre-tailored to the patient’s literacy, disease stage and emotional need – ready to be shared.

Access clinical data

Imagine the oncologist accessing in real-time, clinical trials, research data and contextual information as easily as financial stock market data.

Record patient data

Imagine the oncologist logs patient consultations which automatically updates the EMR entry, sends the patient a summary and prompts prescriptions.

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Where to focus next?

Life sciences leaders help oncologists transform patient care with human-centric services by linking opportunities with their business goals and capabilities to drive growth. We use three questions to find the sweet spot that drives prioritization.


Does the opportunity help cater to the oncologist’s or patient’s need?


Does the opportunity help achieve strategic and financial ambitions?


Is the opportunity realistic in relation to existing or targeted capabilities?

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About the Authors

Dr. Boris Bogdan

Managing Director, Lead – Global Precision Oncology and PHC, Life Sciences

Hartmut Heinrich

Principal & Group Director – Accenture Song Design Lead Switzerland

Dr. Sandra Dietschy-Kuenzle

Senior Principal – Life Sciences

Dr. Mathias Ganter

Senior Manager – Life Sciences

Dr. André T. Dahinden

Managing Director – Life Sciences, Precision Oncology and PHC, Global


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