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In brief

Being data-led requires digital fluency

Digitally fluent companies are 5.4x more likely to be projecting high revenue growth (over 20%) in the next three years.

A data culture starts with the CEO

Meeting digital needs requires digital talent

3 steps to shrink the digital talent gap

Prioritize digital skills enhancement at the top

The CPG CEO must drive the digital upskilling agenda. Digital learning initiatives should follow clear objectives that directly correlate to your company strategy and your vision of a data-driven enterprise.

Create a data culture

Design the experience of data around employees’ daily work. Lean on people who can serve in the roles of ‘data translators’ and ‘data storytellers’ to foster the understanding of data and analytics.

Skill for the future

Digital upskilling initiatives should be multi-layered, relevant and future-oriented. Provide training in digital technologies, such as cloud and AI, that is personalized, function-specific and engages workers.

Anne K. Kotzorek


Marc van der Net

Managing Director – Consumer Goods and Services Lead, Europe

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