In brief

In brief

  • Today, the new playbook in the asset management industry is ‘digital by default’.
  • Defined by using data, analytics and artificial intelligence, it helps drive revenue, change the cost equation and transform the client experience.
  • From digital distribution to digital engagement, it’s digital everywhere—across the entire investment process and lifecycle—to create advantage.

Reimagine the industry’s new playbook with data, analytics and AI

Listen to Michael Spellacy discuss why firms that want to succeed in the new age of ‘digital by default’ should consider the playbook to be a journey, not a project. Clear objectives help to build seamless digital interactions across the entire investment management landscape to create advantage.

Digital by default: The new asset manager playbook

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What’s the power of analytics and AI? Real and measurable results

Nine out of ten respondents from recent Accenture research say their asset management firms are actively applying analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in the investment process. Here is where firms are putting analytics and AI to work:




Investment decision




Reporting and attribution

Nailing the new playbook

How should asset managers react in this new world of data analytics and AI? What we've seen is that there are four levers firms could pull to drive the new playbook:

  1. Alpha capture – Alternative data sets and intelligent funds changing the alpha generation process
  2. Smart automation – Humans and machines working together to separate signal from noise
  3. Client focus and distribution– Using AI to engage across digital vehicles
  4. Data-as-a-Service – Leveraging data as a smart asset
Iconic Silicon Valley players mastered the digital playbook – and it’s time for Asset Managers to borrow a page or a chapter to write their story about the art of the possible.

Creating your playbook journey

Today, the “new” playbook looks to create a seamless, end-to-end digital model that delivers a simplified and cost-effective core operating model and a greater client experience, unlocking value from static assets and transforming them into strategic assets. This is a journey leveraging data and analytics to transform capabilities, the culture and the engagement model to deliver profitability. And we’ve seen this work.

Michael Spellacy

Senior Managing Director – Global Capital Markets Lead


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