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Sustainability in automotive aftersales

June 10, 2022


In brief

The customer perspective

Eight in 10 drivers view sustainability as an important consideration in vehicle servicing and repairs.

No single automaker “owns” the aftersales sustainability concept (yet)

What should automakers do now?

Product: Design for sustainability

Strive to reuse, repair and recycle all materials and products as long as possible, returning them back into the supply chain and value chain rather than into the landfill.

Operations: Embed sustainability point of service

Decarbonize manufacturing, service-center and end-of-life operations; recycle/reuse parts; provide a sustainability framework for the dealer network; and embed sustainability measurement capabilities.

Pricing: Price sustainability into aftersales

Identify core sustainability value levers via a cost-benefit analysis, understand the willingness to pay, adapt pricing as appropriate, and communicate pricing transparently to customers.

Promotion: Communicate simply and transparently

Make the customer aware—before they even make their purchase—of the vehicle’s sustainability not just as a new vehicle, but during ownership (e.g., during servicing, repairs and end of life).

The road forward

Meet the team

Johannes Trenka

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, CEO & Enterprise Strategy

Alexander Huber

Managing Director – Strategy and Consulting Lead Mobility

Paul Willisch

Strategy Manager – CEO & Enterprise Strategy

Douglas Waters

Senior Strategy Consultant – CEO & Enterprise Strategy