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  • Window dressing is a short-term fix to a long-term earnings gap. Chronic sales-to-earnings gaps make quick-fix digital boosts tempting. But, Accenture analysis of several large retailers shows digital window dressers saw a 36 percent decrease in share price over the past five years.
  • Playing the “Me too” game can be a retailer death sentence. Wise retailers only invest in a digital strategy that fits their customers’ specific needs. For large multichannel retailers, the brick-and-mortar store will continue to make the largest revenue contribution until at least 2026.
  • Don’t forget the variable in the digital profitability equation. Companies who focus solely on customer experience are missing a key variable—the back office. Using digital to drive operational efficiencies—while not sexy--tends to improve competitive position. Accenture analyzed multiple retailers that did so--they saw, on average, a 104 percent increase in share price over the past five years.

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