Renault Group

On the fast track to digital success


In the race to become industry disruptors, automotive companies are turning to embedded software data from their cars to get on the fast track to digital success. Auto manufacturer Renault Group collaborated with Accenture to develop a scalable, flexible and connected mobile app to enhance the customer experience and deepen loyalty—helping the company speed ahead in the fast-changing automotive ecosystem.

Connected, customer oriented services


Business challenge

In the past, a customer who bought a car would say goodbye to automotive original equipment manufacturers(OEMs) and get back in touch with the dealership only when a problem arose. But now, OEMs have the opportunity to maintain a link with the customer throughout the car’s lifecycle through a host of innovative connected services based on data from vehicle-embedded software.

Renault embraced this potential for customer relationship building to create services that would be useful to its customers and create new avenues for growth. Accenture is working with Renault to create and maintain a new mobile app that offers personalized experiences with connected and non-connected services.


Using an agile delivery methodology, the app and services are rolling out in France, Argentina, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Colombia, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, Brazil and more. Renault plans to expand the app to all countries where it operates.

The mobile app and related services are connecting customers, their cars and the Renault brand in new ways. By forging deeper, ongoing relationships with customers, Renault is building loyalty and retention. These changes are making a tangible impact on the way the company operates; Renault is on track to make profitable aftersales and connected services a bigger part of its business. As the amount of data gathered from vehicle-embedded software grows, Renault has the right framework in place to continually improve its products, services and offers, and to build new services that boost revenue.

By expanding on the app’s flexible foundation, Renault can improve the brand’s social media presence and pursue more growth opportunities in the broader automotive ecosystem. These new digital capabilities place Renault as a digital transformation leader in the auto industry.