Intelligent pipeline: Accelerating the path from data to decision making

Read Accenture research on the Intelligent Pipeline and number of factors driving the need for operational improvement at pipeline operations.


As the energy industry becomes more focused on the production of natural gas, the continued safe and reliable operation of transportation and processing infrastructure, in particular pipelines, is a constant concern for gas companies.


Key Findings

Accenture has identified a number of factors driving the need for operational improvement at pipeline operations. Gas pipeline companies need to look closely at:

  • Asset integrity—Maintaining a safe, reliable and dependable asset.

  • Asset security—Protecting staff, assets and intelligence from threats.

  • Cost management—Minimizing cost escalation of operations and administration to protect shareholder value.

  • Customer satisfaction—Providing highest-value services to customers efficiently.

  • Data—Improving decision making, which frequently suffers from a lack of data integration.

  • Environmental stewardship—Managing, tracking and reporting carbon, waste and volatile organic compounds to minimize financial exposure and maximize good corporate citizenship.

  • Knowledge transfer—Capturing and using knowledge from the workforce.

  • Operational excellence—Optimizing leadership, teamwork and problem solvingresulting in continuous improvement.

  • Safety—Managing risk to assets, resources and the public across a widely distributed geographic footprint.

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