Engaging Shoppers with Cross-Channel, Lifestyle Experiences

Customers use a variety of channels and technologies to improve their shopping experiences and enhance their lifestyles.

Customers use a variety of channels and technologies to improve their shopping experiences and enhance their lifestyles. Done right, retailers have the opportunity to nurture loyal customers.

Current engagement strategies focus on the customer “purchase funnel” and typically address the customer outside of the context of a need. When a business advertises on TV, e-mails a coupon or tweets an offer, the customer must be persuaded to associate the business with a future need, recall the business when that need arises and remember why that business should be chosen over the competition.

According to Accenture’s Global Consumer survey, 51 percent of US consumers switched service providers in the past year. Among the most vulnerable businesses: retailers.1

Retailers need to act quickly and boldly. Now more than ever, retailers must not only reach out to customers through existing channels, but also extend their reach into customers’ lives in entirely new ways.

The next frontier in customer experience is engagement, because an engaged customer is much more likely to be a repeat customer. To better understand this phenomenon, Accenture Technology Labs conducted a qualitative study on consumer behaviors. Key findings include the following:

  • Customers want retailers to understand who they are and how they evolve.

  • Customers continuously seek to reinvent themselves; they want to be creative and be given the opportunity to explore.

  • Customers’ leisure time is increasingly important, so they do not want to waste it browsing through products. They want to save time and quickly and easily arrive at solutions.

  • Customers want their concerns to be taken seriously, so they want to be heard and seen—they are “very likely” to abandon an online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions, according to Forrester.

  • Above all, customers want to be unique and to experience the world around them uniquely. An Econsultancy/Monetate Realities of Online Personalization report found that “94 percent of businesses believe that personalization is critical to current and future success.”

Learn more about the seamless lifestyle experience approach:

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1Accenture 2013 Global Consumer Pulse Survey Global and US Key Findings, January 2014.

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