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A disruptive value stream for banks

How banks can move from transactional providers to build trust, loyalty and differentiation.


Many banks are struggling to create value for consumers resulting in rising customer attrition. However, pioneering banks are demonstrating that innovative collaboration with other companies can result in solutions that offer unique, integrated and potentially exclusive value to consumers. By working with others to create bundled solutions that consumers find relevant, banks can replace fee-based revenue streams with value-based revenue streams that drive long-term customer relationships. Banks need to work quickly and effectively to secure first mover advantage.



Accenture estimates that for banks, the incremental share of consumer expenditures with customer value ecosystems is $233 billion.


It’s time for banks to aggressively find ways to provide value that will attract and increase customer retention and drive shareholder value. Banks that take a customer-centric view to deliver new sources of value through customer value ecosystems:

  • Can provide consumers with an estimated $1,600 in value per US household (compared to less than $100, on average, provided by the bank today)

  • Deliver as much as $233 billion in incremental revenue to banks

  • Can help differentiate themselves as providers of commodity deposit and loan products and, thereby, reduce customer attrition

  • Are proven in the market both within and outside of financial services

  • Are limited in number, making it imperative to move fast

Almost 1/3 of consumers switched banks or gave part of their business to another provider last year: 'Value for money' was a top reason.


To capitalize on customer value ecosystems and deliver a unique customer experience, banks must do three things: Be fast, be seamless and be safe and secure.

They also have three key decisions to make: 

  • Which partners to pursue – Find ecosystem partners that serve the same segments and can deliver a customer experience on par with what the bank provides. 

  • Which ecosystem model – Ecosystems could take several forms depending on the bank’s strategy and customer segments. 

  • How value will be distributed – Ecosystems must determine how they will deliver value to customers and how they will share value themselves. Ultimately, sustainable ecosystems must deliver value to all parties involved.

Banks can drive differentiation through customer value ecosystems that focus on collaborative, symbiotic relationships and create value for all involved.


Phil A. Davis
Phil A. Davis
Managing Director – Accenture Strategy
Advanced Customer Strategy
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Dan Davidson
Dan Davidson
Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy 
Advanced Customer Strategy
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