Data is the new black for postal transformation

Gain a competitive advantage through post and parcel.


Post and parcel organizations are not strangers to data, dealing with vast quantities on a daily basis.

Using insights from that data to create postal transformation, however is another matter.

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Analytics is not only a game changer — with the potential to create customer-centric capabilities that realize $12 billion in incremental revenue — but also a fast track to postal transformation.


While offering new services in banking, eCommerce or retail is helping postal organizations to grow their businesses, to survive — and thrive — they need to do more on their postal transformation journey.

Just as the private sector has embraced analytics to differentiate, post and parcel agencies can use data insights to discover new ways to outrun the competition.

The Opportunity

Analytics can be a game changer.

An intelligent, practical data interpreter that not only creates a precise amount of the business, but also acts as a fast track to transformation.

Mining data can quickly lead to “analysis paralysis.” To sift through the noise, post and parcel organizations need to ask the right questions and focus on the answers. When used by the business for the business, analytics can help to identify patterns or predict behaviors, and these organizations can drive transformation and revenue generation in three ways:

Reinvent customer relationships

With improved sales and retention campaigns.

Create new sources of business

By monetizing data assets.

Solve difficult operational issues

And optimize performance.


From insights to postal innovation.

With the adoption of predictive analytics nearly tripling in the last three years, data is no longer the exclusive domain of specialist analytics crunching numbers and presenting detailed reports that need further interpretation.

Those post and parcel organization that apply analytics at speed, using targeted analytics–driven solutions to address their most strategic issues, can not only moderate their concerns about big data with its associated cost and time, but also deliver powerful proactivity that drives performance and transformation.

Smart analytics is automated and predictive — using data to identify patterns, variables and causality that would not be readily available through straightforward reporting.


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