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The Accenture Technology Vision 2015

Public Transportation: Riding the digital era.


Every year, Accenture’s Technology Vision provides vital signposts to the technology developments we believe will have the greatest impact on organizations over the next three to five years.

Our 2015 Vision identifies the forces driving this shift to the “We Economy,” and reveals the bold bets pioneers are making. The Internet of Things counts among the major forces—bringing every object, consumer and activity into the digital realm. Simultaneously, leading organizations are digitizing every employee, process, product and service.

For transport agencies and operators this means a rich, interconnected ecosystem comprised of third-parties, partner agencies, and vendors working to provide services in unprecedented ways—helping to drive ridership and reduce congestion while creating new opportunities for funding. It also means more empowerment of the transport workforce with tools that drive down the cost of running operations while improving outcomes and safety.

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