We all serve Accenture’s clients, regardless of role—focusing on the best interests of our clients while acting as stewards of Accenture.

Innovation and Focus on Value and Outcomes

Includes: Client collaboration, Relevant solutions, Meeting long-term business objectives

Delivery Excellence

Includes: Pursuing new opportunities, Organizational conflicts of interest, Contract commitments

Collaboration Across Our Global Network

Includes: Knowledge sharing, Consistent delivery, Methods

Innovation and Focus on Value and Outcomes

We bring innovation and focus on value and outcomes.


At Accenture, we bring innovation to our clients. When we coach our clients on innovation, we focus on value and outcomes. When we innovate, we seek to understand and collaboratively address ethical and legal considerations that may arise, including those related to new technologies.

We deliver in collaboration with our clients—developing and maintaining enduring relationships which are built on a foundation of integrity, independence, transparency, trust, competence and proven outcomes. Successful client relationships sometimes require having challenging conversations. Acting in a client’s best interests may require you to reframe the challenge and does not necessarily mean saying yes to anything the client asks for, particularly if it does not deliver value and outcomes.

We also aim to sustain our clients’ high performance over the long term. We listen and seek to understand our clients’ underlying interests and co-create relevant solutions to meet our clients’ long-term business objectives (i.e., through changes in business cycles, leadership and markets).

Delivery Excellence

We only commit to what we can deliver and we follow contract commitments.


Be aware of the potential limits on the scope of our business and seek appropriate input and approvals before committing to expand into new lines of business or new geographies or implementing new technologies.

When pursuing an opportunity or planning a project, balance collaborative, efficient and informed decision making among key stakeholders with the accountabilities described in our operating model so that the right person or team makes the ultimate decision.

Proactively identify potential client conflicts of interest and resolve or manage them (with leadership consultation) prior to entering into engagements.

For each opportunity, develop a negotiation strategy and engage with our clients as one team, supported by robust internal review and relationship strategies.

Create thoughtful and robust risk management plans that clearly identify the risks with corresponding mitigating actions and ownership. Also, establish solution contingency based on the risks and the confidence in our mitigation plan.


Once we have entered into a contract with a client or other party, such as a supplier or alliance partner, be careful to understand and follow our commitments.

Collaboration Across Our Global Network

We collaborate and share knowledge across our global network, using proven methods and applying consistent global standards.


We collaborate and share knowledge across our global network to build skills, drive innovation and deliver value and outcomes for our clients, while protecting Accenture and client information and intellectual property.

We strive for consistent delivery through disciplined execution, using our proven methods and applying consistent global standards.

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