This large commercial European bank has a presence in Italy, Germany, Austria, Central and Eastern Europe, and Poland. Accenture assisted the client to converge its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) areas to create a Finance & Risk Data Warehouse that revolutionizes its credit granting and underwriting processes.

This large European bank wanted to converge its CRO and CFO areas to enable a “digital credit revolution”–a fast, digital credit-granting process based on pre-evaluation of client reliability. To do this effectively it needed to guarantee the quality and traceability of data used in CRO processes, and converge its CRO and CFO areas to a common data warehouse architecture.

The bank asked Accenture to assist it based on Accenture’s significant experience in data warehouse deployment, its reliability in this area at the bank and its knowledge of Finance and Risk convergence.

This bank wanted to enable a "digital credit revolution" –a fast, digital credit-granting process.

What Accenture did

A centralized Finance and Risk data warehouse

Accenture proposed convergence to a centralized Finance and Risk data warehouse architecture to leverage the bank’s existing assets and data, and create a common environment that could provide data quality assurance and traceability.

Accenture assisted in the analysis, design and implementation of the solution. The Accenture team designed and modeled data to feed the CRO processes for Internal Rating, Credit Monitoring, Loss Given Default and Exposure at Default (LGD and EAD), Pre-Commitment of Individuals, and Fast Credit for Small and Medium Enterprises. Standard data warehouse mart structures were reshaped to integrate credit decision engines and a new data quality and alert framework was defined.

Value delivered

Among the first in Europe

This project helped the client create a common data infrastructure for its CFO and CRO areas with high levels of data quality and traceability. This enabled the client to take a more proactive and effective approach to credit granting. CRO can leverage a good quality data mart for new analysis and processes, and the bank can propose credit products to clients that proactively incorporate both marketing information and risk-related evaluations.

The benefits of this solution include a reduction in credit risk and errors related to data quality issues, and an improvement in client satisfaction and the bank’s reputation.

The project positions the bank as one of the first in Europe to implement a converged CRO-CFO structure and digitalize its credit offering.

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