Closing Ceremony of HKU-Accenture Business Consulting Programme

After six weeks of consulting skills coaching by Accenture executives, 30 HKU students participated in an intensive, 72-hour business case study that led to a final presentation on April 22. In front of the judging panel, the students demonstrated proficiency in problem solving, storytelling, presentation, creativity and innovative thinking.

Accenture executives took the opportunity to share the latest trends in the consulting industry and the company’s point of view on the impact of digital disruption and innovation on future business models.

“The Business Consulting Programme provided the students with a very valuable experience,” said Dr. Olivia Leung, Assistant Dean, HKU Faculty of Business and Economics. Dr. Leung shared that she witnessed significant progress on the capabilities of the students, and she’s looking forward to working with Accenture again in the future.