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Play Smarter

Digital Advertising

TV advertising’s targeting
dream made real

OpenAP delivers cross-publisher audience
targeting, independent posting

Engage And Monetize

anchors BBC

Broadcaster transforms
relationships with
data-driven personalisation

Video Platform

Three keys to digital

Culture, architecture, and data drive
the smartest video platforms and

Smart Homes

Smart Home integration
beats aggregation

Capture growth by taking a platform
approach to new digital services

Strategic Thinking

Bringing TV To Life VII

Annual report on the Digital Video
market offers strategies to address

Digital Advertising

Big data drives
big ad revenue

How French media giant M6
boosted revenues with
data-driven transformation

Strategic Thinking

Cybersecurity for
broadcasters and

Strategies for secure video platforms

Strategic Thinking

Digital disruptor

Content Producers and Distributors
must embrace digital, data-driven

Digital Advertising

Advanced ad tools
to ignite growth

Learn how Artificial Intelligence
and Virtual Reality will shake up
the industry

Ecosystem Matters

Blockchain and the
media value chain

Why this technology should be
on your roadmap: applications
and potential for innovation

Strategic Thinking

Drive a digital video

Bringing TV to Life VI – The Digital Video Business