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Telefonica Digital: Moves to cloud-based HR model with Workday HCM

Discover how Accenture helped Telefonica Digital roll out global HR operating model, improving HR reporting, enhancing service delivery and providing consistent user experience.



Telefonica Digital, a global subsidiary of the Spanish broadband and telecommunications giant Telefonica, sought to roll out a single, global, centralized human-resources operating model with:

  • Strong governance

  • Clearly-defined roles and responsibilities

  • A consistent user experience

We were chosen to assist the company in delivering the new model with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). The new system has significantly improved the company’s ability to share and report on consistent HR data across different geographies and business units. It has also enhanced HR service delivery generally.

"Three times faster deployment and cost saving of 30-40 percent with cloud-based solution"


With operations in 14 markets across Europe, North America, and Latin America, Telefonica Digital’s existing HR model was highly decentralized and spanned a complex landscape of legacy HR applications.

Telefonica Digital wanted to implement a new, single HR system that would enable high performance by improving its ability to share and report on consistent HR data across different geographies and business units, while standardizing global business processes to enhance HR service delivery.

They wanted the new model implemented within a timeframe of six to eight months.

Due to its flexibility and intuitive, user-friendly interface, Telefonica Digital chose Workday’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.


"Accenture Delivery Centers develop and scale innovations across the largest and most diversified group of strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations professionals in the world."


Due to our existing good working relationship with the Telefonica Digital and global experience in delivering large-scale Workday and HR Shared Services implementations, we were asked to help design and implement the new HR operating model.

Our team:

  • Supported and facilitated multiple global workshops to identify and define the holistic business requirements needed for the program.

  • Adapted a field-tested methodology that included scope, financial, performance, resource, timeline and issue/risk management for agile deployment across multiple geographies on an aggressive timescale.

  • Made use of a Workday Delivery Methodology based on ‘iterative prototyping’, in which the various features of the end product were developed, tested, evaluated, and implemented iteratively.


"Deployed eight HR core processes and 123 HR sub-processes to 4,000 employees across 14 countries."

Other highlights included:

  • Moving from pilot to core roll out of the system in just one month

  • Coordinating parallel user-acceptance testing and validation of full scope across all 14 countries in only three weeks.

  • Facilitating mobile functionality via the implementation of a global manager and self-service solution for all employees, meaning that approvals, HR processes, and analytics could be undertaken via iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Android devices.

The system gives Telefonica Digital the flexibility to react quickly to changing market conditions and to expand internationally without huge investments in non-cloud IT systems, annual maintenance fees, and infrastructure-investment costs.

It also supports hot desking, remote and mobile work, and quarterly work reviews to encourage and reward stronger performers.