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Accenture supply chain services for consumer goods

Accenture helps consumer goods companies improve product cost, quality and speed to market.

Today, consumers want—and expect—quick and convenient access to differentiated products at lower prices.

In response, consumer goods companies are looking to accelerate new product development to strengthen brand equity and combat declining shopper loyalty. They are also looking to drive efficiency throughout the supply chain to better control their costs and economies of scale. Companies are using innovation to drive return on investment (ROI), pull together the best pool of ideas and proactively manage the product lifecycle.

Accenture helps consumer goods companies by offering services and solutions that include:

  • Supply Chain Planning

  • Lean, Agile Supply Chain

  • Customer Service Fulfillment

  • Sourcing and Procurement

  • Accenture Perfect Product Delivery

  • Product Development and Innovation

Why Accenture
Accenture helps clients create flexible and innovative supply chains. By improving and shortening the value chain, consumer goods companies can deliver the right products to the right customers faster than their competitors.