How to ensure the right balance between cost and quality of care


Accenture Clinical and Health Management helps consumers, providers and risk-bearers coordinate and manage health and wellness across care settings. We help drive optimal health outcomes, efficient healthcare spend and affordability. Our offerings also enable new care delivery models that increase consumer and provider engagement. Accenture brings clients the deep subject matter knowledge and capabilities needed to address key challenges of today’s healthcare environment:

Accenture’s Clinical and Health Management enables organizations to reposition their businesses through top line revenue and growth strategies. These strategies minimize risk, and enable:

  • Quality improvement

  • Medical cost reduction

  • Administrative cost reduction

  • Revenue growth

Our Clinical and Health Management solutions help clients become effective, complex population health and value-based care organizations. We address business model transformation, rising cost-to-serve, growing chronic disease prevalence and growing system inefficiencies.

Why Accenture

Accenture collaborates with payers, care providers and clients from life sciences and government to deliver market leading clinical and health management solutions. Our Clinical & Health Management organization boasts over 500 consulting, 1,500 operations and 400 technology professionals. Extensive consulting and technology expertise has made us the leader in the clinical & health management space, where we operate key functions on behalf of clients who rely on us to frame pragmatic, innovative strategies and operating models. Accenture designs, builds and runs numerous client programs that:

  • Improve quality: Proven, analytics-driven approaches to increase patient-physician engagement and drive adherence to clinical protocols, resulting in improved clinical outcomes and quality ratings.

  • Reduce medical costs: New and refined clinical and health management programs and capabilities targeted at improving quality, compliance and outcomes can result in medical cost reduction of up to 10 percent.

  • Reduce administrative costs: Integration of new technologies, redesign of business processes and design of new operating models to gain operational efficiencies can result in a 35 percent-55 percent reduction in administrative costs.

  • Grow revenue: Building new clinical and health management services and capabilities that can result in new or increased client revenue streams.


Accenture Clinical & Health Management offers a range of services—from large-scale, enterprise-wide transformations to single-entity performance improvement initiatives including Clinical Management, Population Health, Care Value, Virtual Health, Clinical Analytics and Electronic Health Information Management.

Clinical Management: Services to support and improve operations related to episodes of care

  • Utilization Management

  • Clinical Operations

  • Care Delivery Model

Population Health: Services to support and improve delivery of longitudinal health & wellness for individuals/populations

  • Wellness & Prevention

  • Chronic Condition Management

  • Complex Care Management

Care Value: Services to support and improve the business and financial aspects of delivering healthcare value

  • HEDIS, Star Rating & Quality Improvement

  • Risk Score Accuracy

  • Value Based Care & Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Development

  • Physician Enterprise

Virtual Health: Services leverage virtual interactions to deliver care; consumer-provider or provider-provider

  • Telemedicine

  • Consumer TeleHealth

  • Clinical Collaboration

Clinical Analytics: Services to provide information and clinical insights and support next generation care delivery and care management

  • Information Management

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Clinical Informatics

Electronic Health Information Management: Services to help implement, connect and manage clinical IT systems


  • HIE/Interoperability

  • Care Management Systems and Clinical Analytics

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