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Global aerospace and defense industry solutions for the multi polar world

We offer tailored A&D industry solutions that help businesses deliver high performance in the multi polar world.


The Aerospace and Defense (A&D) Industry is continuing to face challenges as they grow their global footprint in a multi-polar world. One in which today’s customer may be yesterday’s competitor and tomorrow’s supplier. Where new programs are scarcer and more complex, and costs and revenue pressures are increasing.

In this overview brochure, Accenture details the tailored industry solutions that help aerospace and defense companies and their partners deliver high performance in this changing global environment.

See also Accenture’s Aerospace and Defense industry capability video showcasing the key solutions that Accenture offers the aerospace and defense industry.

Why Accenture
Accenture combines over three decades of experience and insight in the aerospace and defense industry with our extensive cross-industry functional and IT skills to help our clients become high performance businesses. We work with our clients to operate their businesses using consistent, accurate data that provide the right information to the right people at the right time. In aerospace in defense, knowing always beats guessing.

Specific Services

Accenture offers eight tailored industry solutions that help global companies and their partners deliver high performance in the multi-polar world.

  • Shifting to Services and Capabilities-Based Lifecycle Management: Helping global companies develop and deliver through-life asset support services for their commercial aviation and defense customers.

  • Global Supply Chain Management: Accenture works with aerospace and defense companies to mitigate supply chain risk through use of analytics tools, simulation solutions and managed services. Accenture’s tailored development plans ensure suppliers address program requirements both now and in the future.

  • Engineering Services and Business Process Outsourcing: Generating client stakeholder value by increasing the performance of business services while maintaining a manageable cost structure.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Post Merger Integration: Helping global companies accelerate the time to value of M&A by incorporating approaches that bring forward the most valuable activities in the process, increasing the likelihood that they will lead to high performance.

  • Program Profitability: Working with leaders of aerospace and defense programs to identify program inefficiencies and implement solutions.

  • Sustainability: Collaborating with our clients to define their sustainability strategies, implement specific programs, and operate sustainability initiatives such as “green” data centers.

  • Talent Management: Addressing the talent challenge by helping increase workforce productivity, decrease workforce attrition, decrease time to competence, lower learning costs, and streamline human resource management.

  • Embedded and Mission Software: Working with clients to help create mission critical systems, addressing both on-ground and on-board support, as well as the integration and communication between them.

  • Aerospace and Defense Security: Managing security risks and helping clients to capitalize on new business opportunities, through the analysis, design and deployment of advanced information and cyber security solutions.

From ideas to profitable results, Accenture works with our clients to help them emerge as high performers in the multi-polar world.