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Life sciences companies are paying more attention to patients in developing markets. The next set of emerging market giants known as MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) collectively assemble a pharmaceutical market worth $28 billion. In order to be successful, research shows that a proactive access to medicines strategy correlates with business performance.

Our research shows that the top 10-ranked pharmaceutical companies with improved access to medicines have outperformed their peers by 20 percentage points of stock price growth each year. The correlation between access strategy and strong overall financial performance supports the importance of a long-term growth strategy.

Accenture recommends a structured, five-step approach to position life sciences supply chains for improved market access in emerging markets

  1. Start with the patient—Build visibility with patient centricity

  2. Turn insight into action—Embed agile planning to rapidly create actionable business intelligence and insight

  3. Take it over the last mile—Anchor around demand-driven execution to adjust quickly to changing market and demand conditions

  4. Tap into mobile as a connector—Use social and mobile networks to augment traditional supply chain capabilities

  5. Create shared value—Converge public and private partnerships to open grassroots channels