As science enables more targeted, effective and personalized therapies and patients expect their healthcare to be like other consumer experiences, agility and responsiveness are essential for life sciences companies. And so is collaboration: connecting with a broader ecosystem of partners who work together to better understand patient experiences and improve care. The ability to connect disparate datasets and apply advanced technologies to generate game-changing insights is key to future success. But many traditional life sciences companies are not going as fast and as far as they’d like.

Why? A legacy of complex technology infrastructure. To move forward quickly and cost-effectively, companies must shift to a single, digitally-integrated platform that incorporates intelligence and automation and provides a seamless user experience. SAP has served the life sciences industry as the dominant ERP technology. Today, Accenture and SAP’s new technology have brought intelligence, innovation, disruptive life sciences ideas and industry-focused offerings together in the myConcerto platform.

The Accenture myConcerto platform

Accenture’s myConcerto platform provides a value-led approach to enterprise transformation. myConcerto is an insight-driven, digitally integrated platform that orchestrates the power of new SAP® solutions and technologies. The platform integrates Accenture’s deep industry and functional expertise to create exponential business outcomes for the intelligent enterprise. myConcerto powers end to end industry and business function transformation from business case to roadmap to delivery, helping companies make the right investments, navigate complexity and realize value quickly.

The journey starts with design thinking to identify specific business challenges and differentiators, and intelligent diagnostics that assess current systems, processes, data and architecture against leading industry practices. This leads to a personalized, data-driven business case and roadmap to unlock value faster.

myConcerto automatically sets up the transformation program environment and provisions our preconfigured solutions for agile, continuous delivery powered by Accenture myWizard® . From there, myConcerto becomes the engine to deliver with agility and speed, measure the value in real time, and continuously innovate to stay future-proof.

Bringing it all together: accelerate solution design and build-out with Accenture myConcerto, an insight-driven digitally integrated platform that harmonizes disparate systems to deliver more secure, faster implementations.
By bringing together intelligence, innovation and life sciences offerings, myConcerto provides the foundation to enable the intelligent enterprise.

Accelerating enterprise transformation with myConcerto

Accenture’s myConcerto platform provides a suite of tools, methodologies and industry-leading practices to help life sciences businesses accelerate an intelligent platform implementation with SAP solutions and technologies while tailoring all aspects to each company’s specific needs. With more than 230 assets designed and developed specifically for life sciences, myConcerto supports and accelerates every stage of the transformation journey.

By bringing together intelligence, innovation and our most disruptive life sciences ideas and industry-focused offerings, myConcerto provides the technology foundation that enables the intelligent life sciences enterprise. myConcerto can help transform life sciences functions and whole enterprises. But the transformation into an intelligent enterprise is complex and requires the right partners and platform to be successful. Now life sciences companies can transform their businesses at speed and apply intelligence everywhere.

Getting started with Accenture myConcerto:

2-hour discussion

Engage and explore: a high-level conversation to discuss main areas of interest in life sciences.

2-day workshop

Educate and excite: an immersive, “life sciences of the future” experience. Explore your vision of intelligent enterprise and art of the possible.

2-month roadmap assessment

Evolve and enable: co-creating digital strategy and roadmap. Develop a detailed vision, business/value case and roadmap to becoming an intelligent life sciences enterprise powered by SAP® S/4HANA®.

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Managing Director – SAP Services for Life Sciences, North America​

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Managing Director – Technology Consulting, Life Sciences

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Senior Manager – Technology Consulting for Life Sciences​

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Principal Director – Technology Consulting for Life Sciences​


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