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The supply chain for every business has become exponentially more complex. Customers expect a personalized buying experience, rapid service and near-instant responses across all channels. Patients are being provided medicine that is specific to them, accompanied by services that support a different lifestyle. Markets are increasingly volatile; competition is intensifying; and geopolitical factors are driving unpredictability in both price and supply. Globalization continues to increase all companies’ potential footprints. And, perhaps most significantly, digital technologies are revolutionizing business models, the competitive landscape, the speed of commerce and trading relationships.

Agile digital natives have overcome these challenges by deploying next-generation supply chains that constantly surprise and delight their customers—meeting or exceeding their needs at speed and making it more convenient.

The net impact of all this?

The supply chain is blocking business growth. While supply chain leaders view today’s supply chain as a support function and cost efficiency driver, by 2020 they see it reinvented as an enabler of differentiating capabilities and growth. Seventy-six percent of supply chain leaders see the top two customer demands of the future as “more customized products and services” and “faster order fulfilment times.” To meet these demands, the supply chain must become fit for purpose, whatever the value proposition for the customer segment happens to be.

New capabilities are urgently needed–powered by new technologies, to create the intelligent supply chain. Focused on continuous improvement and profitable growth, this incorporates product, service and process innovation to anticipate and deliver on customer preferences with greater speed, efficiency and flexibility. A digital platform is essential to integrate these new capabilities and intelligence, enabling the necessary ecosystem collaboration, increased speed and agility that will characterize these new supply chains and unlock future business growth.

Transforming into an intelligent customer-centric supply chain requires a new approach.


The supply chain into an asset-light ecosystem that serves the needs of customer micro-segments.


With external parties using intelligent technology for real-time end-to-end visibility.


The connected ecosystem via a customer service-orientated liquid workforce.


Day-to-day operations using analytics, performance monitoring and innovation.

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Bringing it altogether

A digital platform for the intelligent supply chain has capabilities that, combined, will drive actionable insights and realize growth. And new SAP® solutions and technologies now provides these digital capabilities across four essential areas—advanced analytics, ecosystem sensing, visibility and intelligent automation. Every organization will need an intelligent platform to orchestrate the technologies that underpin these core digital capabilities.

So how do you start the journey?

To be successful, every transformation to the intelligent supply chain should follow a clear path with meticulously planned objectives. By establishing a phased approach for harnessing the power of SAP S/4HANA as the platform, and with Accenture myConcerto to accelerate key roadmap outcomes to help at every stage of the journey–organizations will create an accelerated and innovative path to a supply chain that will enable growth and differentiation.

Michel Roger

Managing Director – SAP Supply Chain Services

Brad Pawlowski

Managing Director – Products Supply Chain


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