In brief

In brief

  • This survey-based report examines the views/actions of operators as industry moves towards a 5G reality where everyone and everything is connected.
  • It uncovers what operators expect to be the most valuable benefits of 5G to users and the experiences that will be in highest demand (and more).

With 5G on the scene, the next decade will herald a new era in connectivity and wireless communications as new capabilities and efficiencies are brought to market. The transportation of larger bundles of information will be enabled thanks to a fifth generation of technology. In addition, wireless device use cases will progress into tools that will service society through applications such as smart cities, smart grid, autonomous driving, and massive sensor deployments.

The service promises of 5G are impressive to say the least. The fluid and superlatively effective capabilities of 5G are a direct result of significant investment by operators into spectrum and infrastructure. However, when it comes to 5G services—the differentiating factor that comes into play is investments in the customer experiences (enabled through 5G). The customer of the now demands real-time interactions and pin-point accurate, personalized engagements. Customers also want operators to have an in-depth understanding of network resources to make real-time adjustments to the customer experiences they require. 5G can pave the foundation to fulfil those needs and then some.

As the 5G future continues to burst at the seams with bountiful potential, Light Reading and Heavy Reading teamed up with Accenture and VIAVI Solutions to survey wireless service providers on their investment strategies and market expectations. This was done to unpack how operators are approaching 5G and customer experience management. This report includes their findings and explores the variables worth investing into based on the experiences of operators.

Network slicing


More than 94 percent of respondents will look at 5G for new business-to-business (B2B) growth opportunities, which falls in line with their expectations for network slicing.


Expect to deploy network slicing within the next 18 months.


Expect their companies to deploy slicing sometime in the future.

Operators are optimistic that target customers will pay more for 5G


A total of 65 percent of respondents expect customers will pay more for 5G than they do for 4G connectivity.


25 percent of them believe it without question, indicating they will “definitely” pay more.

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