Become more agile in operations to address bottom-line pressures. Create the conditions for innovation. Embrace new technologies to become more effective and efficient: from AI, analytics and cloud, to frictionless services – adopting a zero-based mindset and developing Digital Factories.

A looming connectivity dilemma

Connectivity may comprise the largest share of CSPs’ consumer revenue, but its growth is stagnating. Mobile is only poised to grow modestly. People now rely more heavily on their fixed connection but fixed-line service may decline as consumers embrace a new home-based lifestyle. Meanwhile operational costs have continued to grow.

An efficient transformation

Enterprise-wide optimization transforms the traditional telco into a company that is both intelligent and lean. Efficiency and a changed approach to value take center stage, enterprise-wide.

It starts by embracing new technologies. AI, analytics, cloud and other technologies dramatically change CSPs’ operating models. Optimized operations deliver the greatest value and efficiencies.

The Connectivity Optimizer

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Intelligent & lean telcos find room to grow

Powered by new technologies and supported by new ways of working. Drive efficiency and effectiveness by moving to a virtual cloud-based ecosystem across the entire business, including core network and IT transformation.

A smart Business Support System (BSS) simplifies and automates new and existing customer processes. Adopting AI and analytics will help break down silos, make products and service offerings more relevant and boost the effectiveness of both customer and enterprise operations.

In this model, CSPs will reduce Opex by as much as 20% through better time to market [TTM] and boost their B2C revenue with the help of AI-driven churn improvements. The transaction-based revenue model will also drive digital leads that can further unlock value.

Connectivity Optimizers will see improvements in Opex, time to market, churn and digital lead generation.

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