Technology chosen today will determine tomorrow

We are at an inflection point – for the first time in history, technology will be able to keep up with human imagination; that technology can help companies navigate unforeseen challenges; and, critically, that the full value and promise of technology will bear fruit.

Included is a preview of how you can become leaders by combining the best of Google’s human-centric design and innovation with Accenture’s intelligence – driving change and transformation in your enterprise by adopting Future Systems pillars of Boundaryless, Adaptable, and Radically Human.

Boundaryless: No limit is the new limit

Boundaryless is about decoupling the entire IT stack – not all at once, but methodically and efficiently, extracting all possible value from legacy. As the encumbrances of legacy fall away, you are now free to explore new, unconventional business models, exploiting change while modernizing and migrating workloads and infrastructure to the cloud.

Accenture is a driving force for migrating, modernizing and building enterprise applications leveraging Google’s cloud-native technologies. Ultimately, these boundaryless capabilities accelerate deployment of customer-pleasing services and products, while also refreshing applications with cloud-native APIs, microservices and containers.

It starts with cloud. Accenture’s enterprise cloud services help you break through the cloud ceiling. But cloud isn’t the finish line. It’s the starting point. It’s how you begin to design for disruption and insulate against change, leveraging flexible architectures and interoperable systems.

Adaptable: Change is the only constant

Adaptable systems adjust to business and technology change through flexible, living architectures, enabling new ways to extract value from data while also protecting it. In Future Systems, good data is an essential enabler.

Data can increase revenue, enhance compliance and security, integrate with open technologies, and operationalize insights. It starts with organizing and activating data in a modern platform, bringing the organization closer to minds and needs of customers.

And, our clients on legacy systems have their own unique data challenges knitting together vast amounts of information. Our solutions on Google Cloud extend capabilities of and breath new life into legacy systems. Once your enterprise understands your data, then you can find new opportunities to increase sales and enhance the customer journey.

Radically Human: Putting people first

Data and technology alone aren’t enough. Google Cloud puts it this way: “If you aren’t aligned with a human need, you’re just going to build a very powerful system to address a very small or perhaps non-existent problem.”

Delivering best-in-class connected experiences requires personalization and brand affinity. Accenture’s offerings for the CMO+ reimagine relationships and aggregate one view of the customer to create seamless, almost serendipitous interactions, all while focusing on the customers’ right to privacy and trust.

According to Accenture research, by 2023, companies will leave $20 billion on the table because they failed to optimize their technology. Analyzing the past performance of lagging companies vs. those taking full advantage of their technology spend, researchers projected the leaders will grow revenue twice as fast for the next three years. The reason is straightforward: They’re successfully scaling and fully exploiting their technology by building what Accenture calls Future Systems.

Bottom line: Simply get going. Experiment early. Find the best ways to start socializing and imagining the commercial possibilities of emerging technologies to support Future Systems with the Accenture Google Business Group.

Ready to test Accenture + Google innovation? Download our whitepaper below, and bring your biggest and boldest ideas to our innovation centers to create a new reality with Future Systems.

Build your Future Systems with the Accenture Google Business Group.

About the Accenture Google Business Group (AGBG)

Let’s build a better world with Accenture and Google. By combining the best of Google human-centric design and innovation with Accenture Intelligence, our partnership allows clients to imagine innovative digital transformations. As the Industry Solutions 2019 Partner of the Year and the #1 partner in Google AI Services per HFS Research, Accenture is uniquely positioned to help client’s realize the value of Google across all industries. With over 5,000 practitioners trained on Google Cloud globally and our market-leading cloud methodology, Accenture is here to help you to migrate, modernize and innovate on Google.

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