Incumbent banks that are progressively adapting to major market dynamics like public cloud and fierce new entrants are finding that digital banking is a notable contributor to superior operating economics and a market-valuation premium.

Yet, not all banks are seeing the same results.

We created ten key questions for objectively assessing how well a bank is applying new technologies and approaches to mature digital banking. Depending on the answers and any subsequent actions, a bank could land in the digital premier league of the industry.

10-point yardstick for digital banking maturity

  1. Does the bank have a mobile-first distribution model?
  2. Is there a clear aspiration to eradicate back-office manual work through intelligent operations?
  3. Does the bank embrace Open Banking?
  4. Is the bank willing to push the boundaries of its business model?
  5. Has the bank become a truly data-driven organization?
  6. Did the bank commit to public cloud as its default infrastructure?
  7. Does the bank understand that enterprise agility is a team sport?
  8. Does the bank’s business strategy emphasize innovation in the core?
  9. Does the bank have a disciplined fintech engagement model?
  10. Does the bank have a culture and HR approach that values technology and engineering skills?

What’s next?

Many incumbents still need to determine the direction and actions to take to compete and thrive. Accenture has the experience, skills and capabilities to help banks both chart a course for the future and have confidence in its execution.

Alan McIntyre

Senior Managing Director – Banking

Julian Skan

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy


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