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Next Generation Delivery via Multi Speed Methodology

Learn how Accenture's holistic IT strategy can help Communications Service Providers (CSPs) keep pace with industry disruption.


Technology advancements and pressure to outperform competitors have forced CSPs to reconsider the fundamentals of their entire business approach.

Stakeholders want higher returns, regulators want more stringent standards and customers want more added value services. To respond to the industry’s new challenges and reap its opportunities, operators must profoundly change their IT strategy. With disruption driving more and more operators to see their future as Integrated Digital Service Providers (IDSPs), the question is how to govern the transition.

Accenture Consulting applies a holistic approach that brings together, Agile, Waterfall, DevOps and next generation delivery methodologies and tools. We help our clients achieve multispeed IT that enables them to keep pace with industry evolution.

The Approach

What's Next?