How to harvest a wide range of agricultural data insights

Today, the average farmer feeds nearly six times the number of people they did in 1960. And by 2050 they’ll feed more than two-thirds as many again. These extraordinary efficiencies are only possible with the high yields that technology-driven precision agriculture can deliver. That’s something that Proagrica, who provides high-value insights to the global agriculture industry, knows better than any. And when they came to develop Agility, a new insights platform for farmers, they wanted to put on-farm data-driven evidence-based production front and center. But how to bring such a wide range of different farming data sources together? And how to surface the insights in a way that those at the forefront of sustainable agriculture—the farmers—could actually use?

Strategy and solution

Digging deep into the data

That’s where Proagrica called us in to help. Our team of data experts worked with the company right from the initial germination of the concept through to fruition. Our first challenge was to bring such a large amount of information together in a usable way. We took the data Proagrica were collecting from sources as diverse as weather reports, soil types, crop types, machinery operation, and other on-farm data—even satellite and drone data. Then we merged it all into a single big data repository and organized the entities and their attributes in a canonical model. That gave Proagrica the solid data foundation for their Agility platform. But just as vital to the success of the project was harvesting the insights for the farming community. Using Elasticsearch, NodeJS, React, and HPCC, we built a user interface and data service for the platform to put actionable insights right in the hands of the people who need them.

Big data repository

A single repository for data from diverse sources: weather reports, soil types, crop types, machinery operation, and even satellite and drone data

Analytics user interface

Put actionable insights in the hands of the people who need them—giving farmers insights into business-critical trends, threats, and opportunities

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Cheers to newfound flexibility

Proagrica’s new Agility platform is helping farmers grow their profitability through evidence-based precision agriculture. With its in-season analytics based on crop protection, planting, cropping stage, nutrition, farming operations, and region, it’s giving farmers deep insights into the trends, threats, and opportunities that can make or break their businesses.

Moreover, Agility’s enriched market insights are providing a much greater level of visibility into the whole farming supply chain, as well as enhanced traceability to provide better provenance data. And that’s not just helping farms make better decisions for their own businesses, it’s helping them become ever more effective stewards of some of the planet’s most valued environmental resources.

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