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We chose to lead by example with the opportunity to overhaul our website to take advantage of the benefits a new platform offers. New technologies offered the potential for more flexibility, scalability and a fresh design needed to keep up with the company’s growth and content objectives. Our global IT organization teamed with Accenture Digital and Marketing & Communications to entirely rethink Accenture’s online presence.

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When tech meets human ingenuity

To determine a new content management platform, global IT and Accenture Digital worked through a software selection process, ultimately selecting Sitecore. A major reason for this choice was the ability of the Sitecore platform to handle the diversity of 59 different Accenture country sites, 11 different languages and a large volume of content—including more than 230,000 pages.

To implement the new platform, global IT mobilized a technical team, the majority of whom were based in the Accenture delivery centers in the Philippines, working with a small team in Chicago. Avanade, a joint venture of Accenture and Microsoft, assisted with skilling up the teams in the Philippines on the new technology. After the teams performed initial hand-offs and iterations of the high-level conceptual designs among IT, the creative agency, and Marketing, the build process kicked off.

The new followed a typical agile delivery approach. The initial focus was on configuring the new technology platform, followed by the development of specifications, definition of business and functional requirements, and prioritization of content conversion. The team organized these activities according to two major releases, with several smaller ones along the way. The first release focused on performing initial functionality and content conversion, and the second focused on implementing remaining functionality. At project peak, some 300 Accenture resources worked on the project. To mobilize and manage such a large delivery team effectively, the team used a scaled agile framework.

The breadth and complexity of the site requirements due to Accenture’s numerous country sites and extensive language needs posed some challenges for the content management system around performance, such as with cloning. The project team worked closely with Sitecore to resolve them, which resulted in an even more robust product in the end for both organizations.

Hosting of the new was in the cloud, marking a highly visible move of a very large application to the cloud in support of Accenture’s cloud-first strategy. This approach gives Accenture more flexibility to change hosting providers more easily if needed in the future and more resiliency than before.

Since the transition to the Sitecore platform, global IT and Marketing & Communications continue to collaborate on a steady stream of enhancements. Global IT has been able to modify the platform to support new design templates, accessibility, and data privacy regulations. It has incorporated new functionality to enable integration with social media sites and with Accenture’s platform that supports investor relations and news releases. The IT team is also enhancing analytics and content curation capabilities. These enhancements not only improve the user experience, but also the developer experience.

" is our front door to the world. It needs to demonstrate what Accenture is today and tomorrow—not yesterday—and how we are a company on the leading edge."

— Jason Warnke, ​Managing Director – Global IT, Digital Experiences Lead

A valuable difference

The new built on Sitecore addresses Accenture’s enterprise-scale website needs and improves the user experience. In 2018 the site had 50+ million visits, enabling visitors to learn about Accenture’s capabilities, insights and successes.

Cost savings

Eliminated or reduced costs around development, technology components, creative agency services with the previous site, and migration to the cloud.

Cloud hosting + high-availability architecture

Improved uptime from 99.5 percent to 99.9 percent.

Performance optimization

Sixty percent improvement in page load performance and 98 percent page publishing efficiency improvements.


Eliminated the high number of microsites, cutting the costs around their design, development and maintenance.

Multi-language capabilities

Simplified management and publishing for Accenture’s country sites, in native languages, and for adding local components.

Industrial strength

Supports a large number of people working on simultaneously, publishing every day. An average of 16,000 new pages or changes to existing pages are published quarterly.

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