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Socratis N.


Consultant - Systems Integration & Technology



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BSc/MSc in Electronics & Computer Engineering

What I Do

In my 5 years journey at Accenture, I’ve greatly enjoyed the variety of working with major Financial Institutions. Business Intelligence expertise (Data integration, ETL, Reporting, Requirements Analysis etc.), and Core banking engagements (FlexCube) transformed on data driven methodology and approach. India & Philippines co-sourced assignments helped me on working well both in team-oriented and self-directed environments.

Day in My Life
You will need to be highly dedicated and committed to your work at Accenture as there may be periods where you will work longer hours. A typical day at Accenture varies hugely between project and role, which tends to change every 6 to 8 months depending on demand. Talking about myself, I spend the majority of my time in meetings with my Accenture colleagues or the clients team (or both) discussing various back and forth of the project, collecting, collating and prioritizing client requirements and developing the solution when needed.

Outside the Office/Work

Whether young or old, a day outside is hard to beat. Purposing to guard the daily work-life balance, I am attending in Accenture Basketball team. Being part of an inspirational and energetic team, I get the supplies to forego the day to day setbacks. Mental/conceptual components are not meant to be complete or comprehensive but rather a list of many of the positive intrinsic benefits an athlete can receive when the right environment is offered and the right choices are made.

My Advice
Valuation is based on ASSUMPTIONS. As such, always question your assumptions!