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Accenture innovation

Thinking big making waves


It’s not about predicting the future. It’s about inventing it. Our work—by its very nature—is disrupting industries, reshaping business models and changing lives. Across our business, we ask our people to constantly innovate how they work and think. Pushing boundaries is intrinsic to everything that we do. In an ever-evolving and rapidly-advancing world, everyone at Accenture is working in the new. The best talent comes from everywhere. We collaborate with experts from universities to large technology providers, to nimble start-ups. This ecosystem enables our clients to become disruptors and continuously innovate—at scale and at speed.



Industry X.0 – It’s not next, it’s now. The Digital Reinvention of Industry

Successive waves of digital technologies are enabling manufacturing businesses to design and deliver hyper-personalised experiences, achieve unimaginable levels of efficiency and capture new growth. These technologies are ushering in a new era that we call ‘Industry X.0’ and it comes with a new industrial workforce. The latest refresh of the London Innovation Hub will see a new IX.0 showcase in place demonstrating these technologies and innovations that Accenture is developing and implementing at clients.

Request a tour of the Innovation Hub, or visit the website for more information on Industry X.0.



Breakthrough thinking: Unlocked

Just because it has always been that way doesn’t mean it should always continue that way. To truly innovate, everyday conventions should be challenged. Our belief is that you should look beyond the obvious and predictable solutions, and focus on the most compelling question of all: “What happens next?”.

The London Innovation Centre is a unique, immersive and interactive space where our clients can align leadership teams and achieve breakthrough thinking on their key challenges. Come on a colourful journey with us to find out what our happy clients have said about the experience.

Get in touch with to find out more.

Reimagining Insurance

AXA asked us to help them develop a sustainable innovation model within their business that could incubate and prototype products to then take them to market.

We approached working with AXA through a three-month innovation sprint, putting the customer at the heart of the thinking and delivering an end user workshop to understand what they need from their business insurance. These insights were taken to a 48-hour hackathon, with 70+ participants from a mix of backgrounds and expertise.

One idea of a shortlist of seven was selected with the most immediate potential to disrupt the insurance market: AXA Adapt; an on demand customisable business insurance service for Tradespeople—delivered how they need it, when they need it and where they need it, on the go.


Graduation Day 2017

This year's Fintech Innovation Lab expanded to select 20 startups, and for the first time, included a dedicated stream for insuretech entrepreneurs. Chosen from more than 300 applicants around the globe, this year's graduates represent the largest class in the London Lab's five-year history. For details on next year's programme, get in touch with



Artificial Intelligence: The future of growth

Artificial Intelligence, as we see it, is a collection of multiple technologies that enable machines to sense, comprehend and act—and learn, either on their own or to augment human activities.

Accenture research on the impact of AI in 12 developed economies reveals that AI could double annual economic growth rates in 2035 by changing the nature of work and creating a new relationship between man and machine. The impact of AI technologies on business is projected to increase labour productivity by up to 40 percent and enable people to make more efficient use of their time.