Vodafone eSourcing: A single technology platform for global supply chain excellence

Accenture worked closely with Vodafone’s global supply chain organisation, OneSCM, on technology and business transformation initiatives to enable adoption of end-to-end online sourcing activities.


Vodafone now operates in over 30 countries and has network partnerships in another 50, serving over 400 million customers around the world. Supporting and growing its global customer base in an intensely competitive and fast changing environment depends heavily on Vodafone’s ability to source the right technology and services.

Learn more about the Vodafone EVO business transformation programme.


Already recognised as a leader in sourcing and procurement, Vodafone’s senior management understood that to respond to both external market changes and internal developments, centralisation to a central platform would become increasingly important. Creating a more agile, responsive and efficient procurement function, with greater automation, would allow Vodafone’s supply chain professionals to focus on strategic planning and value-adding activities and enable Vodafone to achieve recognition as the world’s leading supply chain organisation.


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