A case study for healthcare IT

Security of regional health information exchange (HIE) strengthened.


To ensure the security, sustainability and reliability of health information exchange (HIE), Andalucía and Accenture teamed up to implement a new Service Oriented Architecture strategy for the region. Accenture’s dedicated team coordinated all other suppliers, and coordinated all stakeholders to rearrange and standardise the region’s communication infrastructure.

To guarantee the security, sustainability and reliability of health information in Andalucía , the Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS) adopted a new IT strategy to transform and upgrade its IT systems, to help healthcare professionals through increased data processing and analysis capacity, and by standardising, automating and optimising processes, while reducing the cost of technology projects.


Accenture played a central role in the roll out of the SOA strategy, including the co-ordination of all other suppliers as well as all levels of SAS’ political and clinical stakeholder groups which include 19 SAS hospitals, five public non-SAS hospitals, the emergency health services, the Spanish National Health System, 11 non-SAS systems, and other Regional Government Ministry projects.

A smooth roll out reached 19 hospitals, which have also received SOA training and normative guidance from the dedicated team to ensure that all decisions are aligned with the corporate SOA strategy approach. The SAS Healthcare centres are now seen as benchmarks not only in Andalucía, but in Spain and across Europe.