Australian Defence Force

Developing and sustaining the CAMM2 maintenance management system


Accenture developed and now sustains the maintenance management system that provides improved efficiency and effectiveness of aircraft operations for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).With Accenture’s support, Australia’s military operates with an advanced maintenance management system that supports Australian Defence Force aviation assets in Australia and overseas.

Client Profile
The ADF is responsible for the maintenance and operation of more than 500 aircraft (of almost 30 types) across the three services—Navy, Army and Air Force.


The ADF recognised the need for an advanced maintenance management system to increase productivity, reduce data errors, reduce operating costs and maintain mission critical aircraft systems without compromising safety. The ADF needed a trusted third party to help bring to life its proposed new system, a Computer-Aided Maintenance Management system called CAMM2; which today continues to effectively support maintenance business processes and aircraft operations.


A complex IT project, development of CAMM2 required close collaboration between Accenture and the ADF. Accenture was responsible for design and implementation of the system as well as acquisition and configuration of third-party products used in the system. Accenture also created the initial training package and training environments, and continues to provide related technical support.

Today, Accenture continues to provide system support, including responding to user support requests, system maintenance and development of software releases, including system enhancements. This system support ensures that CAMM2 continues to support changing regulatory requirements, business process improvements and new aircraft and equipment. A core requirement of the CAMM2 system was to support aviation operations end to end, including during deployments. The system is a complete maintenance solution, managing all aspects from the underpinning configuration and maintenance master data, through to aircrew acceptance for flight operations.

Deployment is supported with a full functionality, man-portable system specifically designed to meet the requirements of deployments to locations lacking reliable communications capability.


Since its successful delivery in 2006, the CAMM2 system has provided the ADF with an advanced and effective tool for managing maintenance in a way that meets aviation regulatory and maintenance policy and process requirements. The system gathers and stores essential usage and failure data, allowing improved analysis and significantly reducing the need for generation and storage of hardcopy maintenance records. Automated support tools also allow a user with limited training to operate, maintain and upgrade the system while on deployment.

Accenture has provided management services to support CAMM2 since the new generation maintenance management system was first developed. The Business Operations team provides third level ITIL-based service management on a 24x7 basis, as well as ongoing maintenance and enhancements. With Accenture’s sustained and effective support, the ADF has a maintenance management system that improves aviation maintenance efficiency and effectiveness; ensuring the ADF is better prepared to meet the many and varied operations and missions.