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Big asset manager: Building a roadmap to improve security operations

Discover how Accenture helped a global asset manager transform its security operations by rolling out a new identity and access-management program.


We helped a leading asset manager conduct an initial security assessment and create a roadmap to improve security operations and protect crucial assets.

The client is one of the world’s largest investment management organizations with assets around USD $1 trillion under management. It employs more than 7,000 people worldwide.

As part of a broader security transformation effort, the enhanced identity and access management (I&AM) project provided relevant employees with:

  • Access to systems across all business units.

  • An improved periodic access review process.

  • Dramatically reduced report generation times.

While the client’s existing identity and access management (I&AM) platform was based on current security technology, their internal processes were not keeping pace with growth. In particular, they faced the following challenges:

  • An incomplete and unclear entitlement glossary.

  • An excessive number of application access entitlements for review.

  • A manual and paper-based periodic access review process for information access.

We were chosen to facilitate a two-year I&AM roles and entitlements program. The program’s objective was to develop a consistent process and workflow for creating business roles and to expedite the periodic access review process.


Using our field tested, role definition factory model along with our financial services industry experience, our team developed a pragmatic approach to enhance the client’s security environment by:

  • Simplifying ongoing maintenance involved in system access.

  • Enhancing the quality and efficiency of the periodic access-review process.

  • Assisting relevant access for business units through a defined set of roles and entitlements.

We also leveraged our deep knowledge of the security vendor marketplace and powerful relationships with Oracle and Symantec to support the client’s security technology and architecture requirements.

Using a blend of local consulting and global delivery center resources, our team worked closely with the client’s I&AM technical team to define business and technical roles. These roles were then loaded and integrated into the I&AM infrastructure and tested for each business unit.

Finally, we developed a glossary for creating definitions of each business and technical role, including identification of the functional capabilities to be used for governance processes, as well as access requests and enforcement.


In collaboration with Accenture, the client adopted a multi-year security strategy, roadmap, and budget to bring its security programs and systems up to date.

The security transformation program helped the client enhance its security risk profile and improve processes and procedures across:

  • Data protection

  • Infrastructure security

  • Identity and access management

  • Security information and event management

In particular, the I&AM user roles and entitlements program streamlined the process for defining business and technical roles using a proven factory model, and created standardized templates for use in access reviews and provisioning.

The program also enhanced the client’s security environment by:

  • Deploying a better defined entitlements glossary.

  • Simplifying ongoing maintenance involved in system access.

  • Improving the quality, efficiency, and accuracy of the periodic access review process.

  • Creating relevant access for business units through a defined set of roles and entitlements.

  • Increasing operational efficiency by defining and enabling operational processes for the periodic access review administrative team.

  • Increasing reporting efficiency by using the role definition factory model (reduced three days of report generation effort to less than an hour).

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