Australian Taxation Office: A better online user experience for taxpayers

Accenture helps the ATO develop digital services that are easier for taxpayers to use.


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is Australia’s federal revenue agency, which was responsible for collecting more than A$336 billion (about US$234 billion) from taxpayers in the 2014–15 financial year. In the same year, it employed more than 20,000 people, who processed almost 23 million payments.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) wanted to evolve its user experience (UX) capability to satisfy community demands for high-quality digital services that are easy to use, as well as provide extensive self-service capabilities.

The ATO and Accenture collaboration resulted in improving the UX capability and culture, and created a solid foundation for future development allowing the team to deliver UX projects more effectively.


ATO’s Integrated Solutions Design team collaborated with Accenture’s UX services team on a number of projects, to create innovative, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces. The interface had to meet strict accessibility standards and work within the ATO’s branding guidelines.


Improved UX culture

Internal business stakeholders, designers and developers at the ATO can now draw on a well-established, user-centred approach to design when creating new experiences for customers.

Prototyping and wireframing skills

The ATO’s Integrated Solutions Design team has the skills and tools to produce interactive prototypes by applying the rapid prototyping software Axure. These prototypes are created for usability tests, and make it easier for delivery teams to share and improve their ideas.

UX framework

To support the ATO’s accessibility guidelines and mobile-first approach, Accenture’s team created a front-end components catalogue. Established to provide a rich source of tools and information about interfaces, it has become a UX framework that facilitates collaboration between designers and developers across the ATO.


These projects were successfully delivered in 2013 and led to new opportunities. Continuing its user-focused approach, the ATO decided to carry on collaboration with Accenture’s UX team to further design, develop and deliver enhanced digital services to taxpayers.

Many projects have benefited from the ATO’s UX approach, which includes building a central platform for businesses to interact with government. This project is a whole-of-government initiative launched by the Digital Transformation Office (