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Australian Taxation Office

How the Australian Taxation Office is driving digital communication to Australian taxpayers


Accenture has helped the ATO reduce its reliance on legacy paper based communications and boost its ability to “speak” to clients digitally. This has allowed the ATO to transform its outbound communications, improving its customer service and complying with the Australian Government’s Digital First policy.
"DOR has allowed us to create an effective Enterprise Digital Outbound capability to drive electronic communications with taxpayers, and help us achieve the broader Reinventing the ATO Digital Strategy. This is something for all of us to be proud of!"

Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Release Sponsor for DOR, ATO

The Opportunity

Prior to 2014, the ATO did not send any client-specific correspondence digitally. It only used digital communication channels for sending limited ad hoc news and information.

To counter this, in collaboration with Accenture, the ATO launched the Digital Outbound Release (DOR) project to establish a permanent enterprise digital outbound capability. The goals of this project were to rationalise document templates so they could deliver them to customers electronically, and to enable sending correspondence in formats such as email and SMS.


During the project definition and roll-out, Accenture played a major role in developing and implementing technology and processes that established the right foundation for the ATO’s digital communication needs.

In particular, Accenture integrated the ATO’s systems with myGov, allowing Australian taxpayers to receive ATO correspondence digitally through a single, secure electronic mailbox.

Accenture also worked with another of the ATO’s technology partners to create a robust and effective digital platform for sending non-secure communications to clients via email and SMS.

Finally, Accenture delivered an online, real-time report accessible through the existing Tax Agent Portal. This allows tax agents easy viewing of all electronic communications sent to their clients.

The Results

Today, the ATO is communicating with taxpayers using digital channels in a way that was not possible before DOR.

During the first week after going live, the agency made contact with all 3.3 million myGov account-holders to introduce the new ways to communicate with the ATO. Within three weeks of DOR being deployed, more than 76,500 pieces of ATO correspondence were sent digitally rather than by post.

This is just the start of the ATO’s digital communication journey. DOR has created the foundation for the ATO’s permanent Enterprise Digital Outbound capability – a functionality-rich platform that will drive the agency’s digital journey and act as a springboard for future initiatives.

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