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Accenture Strategy Insights

Scaling an Insights Factory for B2B Growth

An Insights Factory turns raw data into highly valuable insights that can help B2B companies grow and make better decisions.

Using ZBx to power the M&A machine

Using a Zero-based mindset (ZBx) to power M&A.

AI – a retail growth opportunity hiding in plain sight

Retail AI will extend across the value chain transforming marketing, merchandising, customer engagement and supply chain. Consider the possibilities.

Different strokes for different folks: Secret sauce to acquiring digital capabilities

Organizations must adopt the appropriate technology at the right time, using the right methodology.

Banking M&A: The digital fix

Banking M&A is on the rise, but its main source of value no longer lies in mere size or scale.

The cloud partnering proposition: APIs and microservices

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and microservices enable partnering.

Is your working capital really working?

As companies continue to invest in innovation and respond to disruption, the ability to optimize the use of working capital will be a key enabler of strategy.

Flip side of the digital revolution

Find out what companies can do to reap the full value from digital responsibility.

Future Workforce: Reworking the Revolution

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), business success will increasingly depend on people and machines collaborating with each other.

Put your trust in hyper-relevance

Leaders take personalized customer experiences to a whole new level

Revenue Growth: Perception or Reality?

Executives are bullish on growth prospects but blind to threats that undermine business and operating models. Read the Accenture Strategy research on revenue growth.

Exceed Expectations with Extraordinary Experiences

How companies can exceed customer expectations with extraordinary customer experiences. Read the Accenture Strategy research

Beyond the ZBB buzz

Read Accenture’s report on the hype surrounding Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB). Read how companies are using ZBB to reduce waste.

Is your supply chain in a death spiral?

Deliver superior supply chain performance at the right cost while fueling growth

Tech-led M&A: From art to science

Humans have made M&A an art. Adding technology makes it a science.

AI: The momentum mindset

How to find a more agile way of approaching AI to place your company among the leaders in unlocking new sources of growth.

Making IT work

Learn how business and IT executives predict massive change ahead for the IT workforce, but many still underestimate its scale, speed and scope.

B2B: Better 2 best

Four areas of focus across the customer engagement lifecycle set CX masters apart

Sweetening the deal: Digitizing M&A

Digital technologies increase M&A deal speed, as well as foster new M&A-related business models previously not possible.

Operate like a disruptor

Welcome to the future-ready business

Adapt to survive

An agile operating model is essential for the digital age

Tailoring your multi-
brand apparel

Multi-brand e-tailers can help a
strong store brand become an
online powerhouse.

The front office: Where profits go to die

Zero-based commercial (ZBC) drives customer profitability, growth and efficiency.

A New Slice of PII with a side of digital trust

As Personally Identifiable Information becomes currency, learn how General Data Protection Regulation and governments will give consumers back their PII.

Gen Z rising

Gen Z talent begins to join the future
workforce. Learn how new graduates
hold traditional work values with a
digital spin in a new study from

Connected wellness:
Livening-up life

Evolving the life insurance value
proposition from compensation
to wellness to drive relevancy
and growth.

Shaping a new digital agenda to drive growth and maintain market relevancy in travel

Travel companies beginning their digitization journey must capitalize on new digital strategies and technology.

Automation in consumer goods: People led,
technology enabled

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) multinationals must embrace digital disruption as fully
as their people are.