The intelligent business office

Imagine if the back office could break from its traditional function to deliver strategic value and business outcomes for public sector organisations.

Moving away from the traditional back office

The transformation of public sector finance, human resources and procurement is gaining momentum in the UK. Organisations must go beyond old approaches, introducing intelligence into the back office to unlock value from their technology investments.

Data-driven insights
Elevate business office impact and value to the organisation and citizens with enhanced analytics capability to inform strategic decision-making.

Digital at heart
Use new technologies efficiently—cloud, intelligent automation, AI and machine learning—to drive quality, speed and agility.

Engage employees and empower them to deliver transformational outcomes for citizens and the organisation through user-focused design.

Intelligent Business Office (IBO)

Accenture's video explains how can the Public Service back office functions deliver more strategic value to their organizations. See more.

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Benefits of the intelligent business office

The benefits of transforming the back office go beyond technology licence costs.
Organisations can deliver value through:

  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Engaged, Productive Employees
  • Improved Productivity and Performance
  • Digital Technology Platforms

User access & experience

Employee engagement & collaboration

Continuous service improvement

Productivity & efficiency

Predictive insights

Real-time intelligence

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The foundations of the intelligent business office

Before organisations dive into cloud technology projects, it’s fundamental that the right foundations are in place. Accenture’s expertise isn’t just based on theory, it’s informed from being at the forefront of government pathfinder programmes. We focus on the business, the people and the finances. We use our expertise and lessons learned to help guide clients who are preparing for their transformation programmes. Have you got the right foundations in place?

  • Programme Strategy & Vision
  • Organisational Talent & Engagement Strategy
  • Business Case
  • Solution Blueprint & Readiness
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Public Service Consulting | Intelligent Business Office

Accenture can help you innovate, transform and work smarter, to enhance services, improve outcomes and achieve more. See more.

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How does Government ensure greater efficiency and better outcomes from back office investments?

Mastering data, harnessing new technology: how Government Finance can fulfil value creation expectations.

James Bard looks at how CPOs can proactively engage with their suppliers to deliver more value.

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Journey to cloud: Complex, challenging and risky?

Accenture is the leading partner to government in back office transformation programmes, having supported both medium and large sized departments. We are SaaS vendor agnostic, with leading ERP and HR capabilities on Oracle Cloud, Workday, SAP and Microsoft. From early cutting-edge projects to big complex transformations, we have the leading expertise in programme management and cloud computing delivery. Lessons learned have informed the development of our handbook for SRO’s; “Transitioning Government Back Office to the Cloud”, available above.

Driving outcomes from intelligent business office

Cloud technology has enormous potential, but without the right focus on the adoption of new processes and ways of working, plus change and transformation amongst the workforce, organisations risk the opportunity to realise the desired return from their investments.


Of CFOs think finance is best positioned to lead initiatives to use digital approaches to improve organisation-wide performance.

5 OUT OF10

Finance leaders see the finance function becoming proactive and connected in two years’ time when operating with partners across the organisation.


Agree that finance skills will continue to move away from core finance to advanced digital, statistics, operational and collaborative talent.


Of businesses are using new technologies and sources of workforce data extensively.


Of C-level executives are very confident that their organisation is using workforce data in a highly responsible way.


Of employees are open to the collection of data on them and their work in exchange for an improvement in their productivity, their well-being or other benefits.

Transitioning government back office to the cloud

A practical guide for Senior Responsible Owners and Programme Managers

The Government Shared Service Strategy of January 2018 outlines an objective to move government departments onto a cloud-based, automated, cost-effective back office for Finance, Procurement and HCM. Some teams have started this journey, so the experiences of these early adopters can provide valuable lessons for others.​

Our handbook is a useful guide for Senior Responsible Owners, who’s role in the overall success of the programme is critical, to assess their own programme. The lessons learned are presented in a clear and actionable checklist.​


The journey is never the same

There is no one-size fits all approach to building the intelligent business office. Some organisations focus on core cloud technology first; others deliver improvements early through analytics, intelligent automation and AI.


Gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of intelligent forecasting for real-time decision support.

Intelligent Automation

Combine robotics with other accessible automation technologies to enable better judgements and more efficient business office processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Maximise the ability of AI technologies to learn, adapt and improve to perform routine tasks and augment the human workforce.

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Awards & recognition

We are honoured to be recognised as a leader by our alliance partners for delivering intelligent solutions.


Accenture wins ERP Partner of the Year



Recognised in “Winners Circle” for HCM execution and innovation



Six Partner Excellence Awards for elements of the intelligent enterprise


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