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Keeping health consumers at the core with insights, technologies and programmes.

Healthcare organisations have the opportunity to create consumer experiences to keep the individual at the forefront through personalised technologies and programmes. Discover what today's health consumers really want with Accenture's healthcare trends and insights.

Unlocking digital identity for patients

Chris Gibbons discusses how unlocking digital identity for patients leads to increased personalization for patients and improved public trust.

What we think

Accenture's Digital Health Technology Vision 2020 details 5 digital health trends COVID-19 has amplified shaping the future of the healthcare industry.

This report explains the future of healthcare in England that focuses on transparency, virtual care, and convenience to satisfy consumers.

Digital healthcare collaboration – connecting clinicians, caring for consumers.

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Case studies

Collaboration across the NHS enables better-integrated multidisciplinary care, and unlocks cost efficiencies and improves the patient journey.

How an agile approach is boosting efficiencies at the UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

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Healthcare blogs

Our experts weigh in on the latest research & trends to help deliver better consumer engagement and more effective, affordable & efficient healthcare.

Breaking healthcare’s iron triangle

Accenture's blog explains how AI can help to break the healthcare's Iron Triangle and allow all three dimensions to improve simultaneously.

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