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Innovation at scale

We develop innovative prototypes and scale them for integration with our Clients’ business platforms.

We develop innovation at scale

Innovation at scale, a dedicated innovation center owned by Accenture Financial Advanced Solutions & Technology, explores the technologies and solutions that will define the financial services of tomorrow.

In its multifunctional space, the center offers a 360° engaging experience of the future. Our Clients are welcomed and accompanied on an immersive journey to discover the most recent technological trends in the industry.

Clients get a hands-on experience of edge technologies such as Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Edge Computing and 5G, and the agility to co-create innovative prototypes which they can scale for integration with their business platform.

A set of projectors can be used to virtually recreate any environment and rapidly generate the optimal scenarios in which to experiment the new solutions.

The space is compatible with all the main communications platforms and can be accessed virtually through a 3D environment which can be personalized.

Our services

Accenture Liquid Studio supports businesses in adopting new technologies, competences and work methodologies to meet their changing needs. We develop prototypes and software at speed to help our Clients engage their customers and access new markets.


Collaborate with our team of experts at interactive Design Thinking sessions to analyze use cases and rapidly resolve challenges.


Discover the emerging technologies and the opportunities they bring.


Transform ideas into applications in days rather than months, using principles of rapid prototyping, Agile and DevOps.

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