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Advanced IT services

Breakthrough, end-to-end, modular services that use the cloud and new technologies to enable agile, sustainable growth.

Accelerate your IT system with Living Systems

The Advanced IT Services Accenture Financial Advanced Solutions & Technology use the Living Systems paradigm to position Clients for agile, sustainable growth.

The newest market solutions, a laser focus on business results and open architecture maximize the performance and scalability of Banks’ and Insurers’ IT systems, while also delivering wide functional coverage, generating insights of value for our Clients and optimizing development times and core service management costs.

Among the advantages:

  • Accelerated time-to-market for functional evolutions and regulatory alignments
  • Integration with the newest solutions on the market thanks to our partnership ecosystem
  • Optimized management costs of core services by leveraging our ecosystem
  • Transparency assured by systems that monitor openness and sharing
  • Capacity for rapid development and synergic evolution of technology applications and infrastructure
  • Decisional support that is driven by data and real time analytics

Our services

Flexible, end-to-end IT services

IT system management and evolution (applications infrastructure, front- and back-end services, vertical business services).

Cloud first

Modernization and evolution of legacy systems, mainframe technologies and architectures using cloud paradigms and protocols.

Data driven financial services

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Real-time analytics, Decoupling to access and use data for commercial and risk management purposes.

Migration engine

Technological migrations of Bank and Insurer systems and infrastructures thanks to expert teams, consolidated methodologies and trusted tools.

Smart development

Transform ideas into applications in days, not months, using rapid prototyping, Agile and DevOps.

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