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It’s not about predicting the future. It’s about inventing it. Our work—by its very nature—is disrupting industries, reshaping business models and changing lives. Across our business, we ask our people to constantly innovate how they work and think.

The Innovation Hub is a physical space in our London office, where we showcase some of our latest innovations focussed around a particular theme or topic. The Innovation hub demonstrates our company’s innovative culture, by co-creating with our clients, our business, our partners and disruptors to help them pivot into the New.

This page allows you to see what is currently displayed in the Innovation Hub.

See Applied Intelligence in action

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for business leaders everywhere—and, in theory at least, combining human ingenuity with intelligent technology to boost value looks like a no brainer. But executives are only beginning to grasp the ‘new possible’ afforded by AI: According to Accenture’s recent survey with Forbes Insight, 92% of business executives recognise the value of a comprehensive AI strategy, but only half really understand the technologies and their practical applications.

So where do you start?

Accenture combines AI with advanced analytics and automation to accelerate transformation in our clients’ organisations with new speed and scale. And we think holistically to help our clients define, deliver and multiply value from accessible and affordable AI—while designing in responsibility and trust, and lining up skills and talent for the future.

Visit the Accenture London Innovation Hub to find out more about the tools and technologies Accenture is using to help our clients accelerate success.

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A platform to help combat financial crime by unifying disparate data sources. Download the PDF

Smart Email Classifier
Automatically classifies and responds to queries to improve customer service. Download the PDF

Connected Mine
A solution that leverages mobile, tracking, analytics and cloud technology to manage industrial mining operations. Download the PDF

Intelligent Data Quality (IDQ) Platform
Uses AI, automation and machine learning for enterprise data. Download the PDF

Athlete Genome
In partnership with British Triathlon, we created the ‘Athlete Genome’; an industry-first technology solution for enhancing athletic performance. Download the PDF

Accenture Independent Living Platform
Uses AI and analytics to serve older people’s needs. Download the PDF

AR technology adopted by logistics companies to provide workers with computing in the field. Download the PDF

Next-gen financial crime capability using machine learning to automatically identify client risk in real-time. Download the PDF

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Athlete Genome