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We’ve joined forces with British Triathlon to bring you insights from the experts, to take you from complete novice to triathlon start line.

Getting started – top tips

Olympian and British Triathlon’s Olympic Head Coach, Ben Bright, shares his five top tips for getting started in triathlon.

Plan ahead

Give yourself plenty of time to get organised before your race. Create a timeline of everything you need to get done as it will come around quickly.

Start with a training plan

Without a training plan, you may lack direction. Make sure the plan works for you and what you want to achieve.

Train with others

Take your triathlon journey with colleagues or friends. It’ll be more enjoyable and build your confidence.

Find the right equipment

Do your research. It can be easy to get drawn into buying the most expensive kit, but the most important part of any kit is the fit.

Join a local club

There is a wealth of knowledge in your local club. Get involved and ask questions – you can find your local club on the British Triathlon website.

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Training plan

Our specially created 8-week training plan is designed to help a complete beginner prepare for entry to a sprint triathlon. The programme aims to be simple, achievable, easy to do in different locations and time-effective.



Let the British Triathlon team guide you through some simple exercises, with something for all fitness levels.







Nutrition and hydration: 6 top tips

Lucy Wainwright, former Olympian and Performance Nutritionist working for the English Institute of Sport with British Triathlon, shares her six top nutritional tips for training for a triathlon:

Plan your meals

Plan your meals for the week and if you’re busy, meals can be prepared in advance. You’ll be surprised how much time prep will save you!

Eat the right food

Ensuring you are consuming high-quality food will help to maximise your training.

Variety of food

Variety is important! It will help you get the range of nutrients your body needs, and you won’t get bored of eating the same foods.

Enjoy your meals

Many athletes are foodies. Taking the time to have nice meals with family and friends between your training will be good for both body and soul.

Stay hydrated

It’s a good idea to keep a bottle of water with you and constantly sip throughout your day, even if you are not exercising.

Don’t skip meals

Fuelling your body is important. Skipping meals may result in lower energy and longer recovery.

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Nutrition and hydration

Use our 7-Day Nutrition Plan which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, providing a guide to a healthy balance to fuel your fitness goals—whatever they may be!