Accenture water analytics

A new approach to help water utilities deliver the investments needed to improve today’s service and tomorrow’s resilience.


Water utilities face intensifying pressure to improve customer service, strengthen resilience and deliver security of supply. They must achieve these major business goals against the backdrop of a fast-changing environment in which population growth, climate change and a heightened focus on the cost of living and affordability are all playing a major role.

Despite significant investments in data systems to support operational responsiveness and improve overall system service, water utilities’ operations are still largely based on after-the-fact information. As a result, reactive decision-making undermines their ability to achieve their business goals. This means water utilities currently face avoidable challenges such as:

  • high operational costs to repair failures

  • high capital costs to build extra capacity, and

  • increased risk of non-compliance and customer complaints.

Having already made commitments to implement price reductions, how can water utilities address these challenges and deliver the investments needed to improve today’s service and tomorrow’s resilience? A new approach is needed.


Typical Challenges


Accenture Water Analytics Overview [MP4, 02:06mins]
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Water Production Line [MP4, 03:00mins]

Thames Water: Benefits of Smart Monitoring Capabilities


LONDON: Mar 6, 2014 – Accenture (NYSE:ACN) has been selected by Thames Water, the largest provider of water and wastewater services in the UK, to prove new ways of working by integrating its business systems with its operations technologies.

A pioneering team in the UK, has developed a solution for Thames Water, which will enable more efficient water sourcing and remote monitoring of assets. The new insight we are able to offer our client is based on a digital solution combining big data, analytics and cloud-based services. “We are committed to improving the efficiency of our operations through more intelligent data insights. This pilot will provide us with a clear framework for the benefits that can be realised,” said Martin Dangerfield, head of PR14 and wholesale plan at Thames Water. “We selected Accenture to help us with this programme due to its deep understanding of our needs, expertise in systems integration and similar experience in other sectors.


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