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Warehouse management system


Is my distribution center well controlled? Are the systems helping drive efficiency and improving service?

Total Logistics, now part of Accenture, supports the identification, selection and implementation of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) that are suited to the supply chain’s needs.

A strong WMS is integral to a well-functioning supply chain; inventory needs to be controlled in a live environment with full traceability and audit trail. The flow of information needs to be seamless between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and downstream transport and warehouse systems.

A well-designed WMS provides a holistic approach to the distribution center, encompassing active management of labor and visibility of tasks that cover all the warehouse/yard functions. New warehouse technology offers voice, light and vision-picking with effortless connectivity. Warehouse Management Systems are being linked to respond to rapid order promise demands across wide geographies.

We help our clients decide on the warehouse system that is suitable for their supply chain; to add value to the current operations and to future proof for future digital developments. A typical project can include functional design, tendering and implementation.


There has been heavy investment in the development of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) over the last five years. Growing demands on fulfilment and distribution centers, particularly for eCommerce, have increased the level of control and response required within supply chains. The major WMS providers have improved their products accordingly and a robust, technologically advanced system has become the pre-requisite for a successful and dynamic supply chain.

Industry trends and challenges

  • Real-time, paperless distribution centers with full visibility of orders, inventory and resource

  • Live data visualization for fast, dynamic response

  • Connectivity of inventory and orders across many Distribution Centers (DC)

  • Robust and responsive data links to partner transport providers

  • Inclusion of technology in the DC to improve processes and performance

Benefits offered by Accenture design solutions

  • Understand the current and developing WMS functionality available in the market

  • Identify the WMS vendors with the right credentials for a specific need

  • Help to specify how the DC processes can be designed and improved by a WMS

  • Support the selection, contracting and implementation of the WMS for a supply chain, including how the WMS interacts with other logistics systems